Okay, So I’m not really a blogger, just a writer. I don’t have a particular niche. I write about everything –– whatever strikes me.  A lot of fiction. But right now I’m thinking about the fact that Elton John is the King of Fucking Everything and that he and Bernie Taupin are the only two humans who should be allowed to wear sunglasses in the evenings. Suffice it to say, that I will not be writing about doing laundry or how I got my teeth drilled or anything like that, but I definitely won’t write about just one particular topic. A lot of things interest me. Literature, art, music of most kinds, natoional/international politics, pop culture analysis, fashion (hello! knitwear designer), herbalism, history, trivia.

I’m not good with social media. Actually I’m an awkward socializer in general. I used to get out. Be more social and exciting. Then, when I was 29, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic back pain, sciatica, and arthritis. This also causes migraines, panic attacks, and severe despression. So, I’ve had to pull back from my social life and for quite a while, my dreams. And I’m definitely not one of those pro-positivity–pull-your–back-up–by-your-boot-straps!! kinda broads. It’s just not in my DNA. If is see 5AM it’s because I was still up for it, not because I woke up to see it on purpose (well, maybe once, but we were high as a giraffe’s balls and it was supposed to be romantic). Now, I’ve become more of a relaxed nerd; trading week(ends) at the bar for week(end) priorities. I smoke, and consume cannabis edibles for pain management and relief and also for enjoyment. I fully support the cannabis movement.

I  still REALLY REALLY miss Prince. He was the first man –– well, him and George Michael –– that made me realize that sex and dancing went hand and hand. Also, I rely on coffee to keep me awake and from being a bitch. I attempt to make friends, A lot of people say that I have “ugly sitting face.” I can’t help it; that’s just how my face is.

I curse like a sailor, disregard my filter, and if I can’t make you like me, I’ll try to make you uncomfortable.

I self published a book of short stories in 2013 so that my work existed in hard copy. The cover is hideous. This inside is all right. Its called What We Want to Hear and you can purchase a copy at lulu.com. Right now, that’s that only way I get paid for it.

Right now, I’m working on a book of knitting badassery. A few patterns, but mostly subversive advice and stories from someone who has been messing with the sticks for almost 25 years. I also have some short story drafts and and unfleshed out novel bangin’ around up there in the back of my brain. We’ll see.

Random Facts

  • I used to own an inordinate number of wigs. I believe in having the perfect have for every occasion. Right now, my reason hair is black, dark grey, and dark teal.
  • I listen to a lot more rap than you would expect at first glance.
  • I read Pride and Prejudice when I was nine and saw the BBC miniseries with Colin Firth when I was ten. He is the standard I hold all men to.
  • My break-up movie is The Way We Were starring Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford. “Your girl is lovely, Hubbel.” Fuck. It gets me every time.
  • I am terrified of carnival clowns, mice and rats, and spiders.
  • I believe in spirits. I’ve practiced with divination for many years, and I’m a certified herbalist in the state of Massachusetts. (I live just over the border in Providence, RI).
  • I’m way more up to date on British things that American things (except the Royal Wedding and baby).
  • I judge books by their covers.

Also, I find things like this funny:

photo 4