New Job: Game Writer for Otome/Otoge Games

Yep. So I got a remote writing job, writing and editing for otome/otoge style visual novels. I can’t say too much about it until it’s time for my work to be released, however I can say that I’m over the moon to be doing work for the gaming companies that have contacted and contracted me. There came a time where I really thought I’d have to give up my dream as a writer, even if I never said it out loud. However, this job allows me everything I ever wanted: short story work with the same cast of characters in different elements (short prose is my biggest strength), I get to use both of my degrees (literature/writing and art history), work in conjunction with talented voice actors and artists that draw in some of my favorite Japanese styles from my days at university, and tons of space and creative freedom. I cannot release any of the contract work I’m doing, but I have some work over on AO3 (I know, I know, haha) as practice for the right audiences, and I will be uploading some base concepts for a game I’ve started writing from scratch to its own separate page here.

If you’re interested, the links for my AO3 page, as well as the ko-fi page I started for my game creation will be down below. I would be grateful if you’d check them out. Here’s to turning a new (digital) page.