Top Ten List (or Sucker’s Dozen) – 12/21/2018

Favorite Albums of All Time

[For this one, each album has to be ten years old, and I don’t skip a single track on the record. This list can be constantly in flux, but at this moment in time, this is it].

1. Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks

2. Bright Eyes – Lifted (or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground)

3. Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile

4. Fiona Apple – Tidal

5. Prince – Purple Rain

6. The Rolling Stones – Let it Bleed

7. Elton John – Caribou

8. A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders

9. Janis Joplin – Pearl (I have the original 1971 press on vinyl, and the 2005 remastered CD — the latter has ‘Piece of My Heart’ on it, while the original and 1999 remaster do not. All of these re-releases are at least 10 years old).

10. Tom Petty – Wildflowers

11. The Wallflowers – Bringing Down the Horse

*Please, if you have any top ten list ideas, shoot them my way. I’d love to do something different!