Breigh Selina Designs 2019

So the holidays are coming and I’m pretty much just gonna gloss over that, and move onto something I’m feeling more upbeat about: New Year’s! Or, specifically, what I like to call New Year’s Promises — NOT resolutions. Resolutions are so demanding, and a lot of people break them and get super upset with/hard on themselves. You can stop all that! So be gentler on yourself, baby! Make promises to yourself instead (and you don’t even have to tell anyone about them — they can be your secrets!) [Sadly, I cannot take credit for this idea; an awesome lady and bartender who worked at the piano bar one of my former partners often performed shared this with me one NYE about five years ago when I was there to see him play, and I absolutely fell in love with it].

So, I’m hoping for a year of without tragic disasters that will at least allow me some semblance of order. I’ll be implementing a new process after the new year (though part of it will make it’s appearance beforehand).

I’ll be taking you through tutorials and reviews, sharing recipes, and small glimpses into my personal life. I’ll also be taking you along the rest of my journey to a simple, zero waste life.

My Knitting and Writing Portfolios will remains up, as will the ability to contact me about commission projects. I am also planning to re-open and link my shop not long after the first of the year, so there will be a direct link that takes you to my shop, if you so wish to visit (and I hope you will, I have some awesome plans!).

You’ll notice some changes in the coming weeks, but I hope for them all to be good ones. Tomorrow, you’ll even get a taste of one of the new themes I’m going to be adding.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to head over to the contact link and send me a message. Anything sent through that form comes directly to my personal right now, so I will definitely see it!