I hope these are just bumps and burps along the way to full domain conversaion, because my text editing pages look like learn to type programs for toddlers, I have zero access to tags, and, my time is off by at least a full day. I suppose it shouldn’t be an irritant the day before I go into surgery, but I woke up with my leg on fire, so here I am.

Besides, I still have a lot of stuff to do before tomorrow. I have to run to the Target and pick up a few quick things, pack my overnight bag for the hospital, do that weird shower goo wash before bed, AND watch the hockey games. Plus, my nieces are coming to see me this morning in about an hour, which will be nice; especially since while the younger one (10) will snuggle up in my lap anywhere, the oldest (14) doesn’t dig hospitals. I get it it. I didn’t get over it until I was 17 and she was born and saw that cool things could happen in hospitals, too.

I’ll find out the exact time of my surgery (which is sometime tomorrow morning) later today when they call me, so I’m going to go indulge myself in some bubbly green before my dad and I head to the store so that my ass, thigh, and back won’t feel like lead on fire.